It has been my professional dream to commit my practice full-time to Women’s Health.  I recently retired from the United States Army following 20 years in the Army Specialist Corps as a Physical Therapist. I graduated from the U.S. Army-Baylor University Physical Therapy program with a Master’s Degree in 1999, and in 2008, attained my Doctoral Degree from Baylor University.  As a Direct Access Physical Therapist in the Army, my primary mission was to keep Soldiers mission ready. I held a board certification in Orthopedics and a Specialist Certification in Strength and Conditioning.

Early in my career, I became interested in Women’s Health issues and took a lot of classes in pre-natal, post-partum, and pelvic health. Unfortunately, I was quickly deployed, where my focus was again neuro-musculoskeletal impairments.  Following deployment, I found a new Women’s Health opportunity to add Physical Therapy to the multi-disciplinary team at Walter Reed Army Medical Center’s Breast Cancer Center. This was during the time when most providers had not heard of axillary cording.  I quickly found a niche treating women with post-operative scar tissue, adhesions, and axillary cording. The patients and oncology staff were thrilled at the functional gains and decrease in chronic pain derived from simple soft tissue manipulation.  Around this time, I completed my certification in Manual Lymphatic Drainage through the Norton School of Lymphatics.

Since that time, until my retirement in 2017, I provided care to female Soldiers and family members with Women’s Health issues whenever possible. Because a majority of Physical Therapists in the Army are specialized in orthopedics and/or sports rehabilitation, it is common for most women in the military system with musculoskeletal pain following childbirth, or breast cancer intervention, to be referred to civilian providers in the community. My life in the Army provided me with a wide variety of experiences and opportunities that I can now use to prevent long term pain and dysfunction in the lives of women.


1998 - 2017

Physical Therapist - Army Specialist Corps


Masters Degree - U.S. Army - Baylor University in Physical Therapy


Doctoral Degree - U.S. Baylor University

Specialist Certification & Training


Stress Incontinence

Dry Needling

Orthopedic Specialist

Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Spinal Manipulation

Manual Lymphatic Drainage


As an ortho-trained DPT, I can evaluate, diagnose, and create a plan of care for neuro-musculoskeletal conditions.  The additional training and experience I have in the areas of pre-natal/post-partum, breast cancer, pelvic floor, bodywork, spine manipulation, and dry-needling, provide me the opportunity to offer holistic care.

After a surprise cardio-thoracic operation, which left a 12 inch scar between my breasts, the cardiologists were proud to let me know, that when the discomfort started from the scar... it wasn't a heart issue.  Understandably, it is good news the cardiology concerns were limited, however that information didn't go far to assist with the burning, tingling and healing of the scar. Being a large breasted women, it was additionally awkward when the predominantly male team, nonchalantly said, "Don't worry, you can get plastic surgery later".   
It was my luck that Lisa and I were working at the same medical facility and she offered to assist with my scar.  She professionally massaged my scar and we discussed it's healing.  The gentle and effective hands-on touch alleviated much of the tingling and discomfort; our discussions helped me understand by the nerves and sensations were so odd; some parts did not have the type of normal sensation I was used to, while other areas seemed to be extra sensitive to blood and circulatory pressures.
It's hard to some up in words the knowledge and expert approach Lisa took to my issues, I can only say how happy I am that our paths crossed and the pain and healing of my scar was greatly impacted by her treatment -- lower pain and quicker healing - as the skin is more supple in this very sensitive area.
- KJ Wolfe


Serving Charlotte and surrounding areas.

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