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BelleVie specializes in the treatment of scar tissue and soft tissue restriction from axillary web syndrome, edema, lymphedema, perineal trauma, and caesarean section pain. These issues can effect self-confidence, mother-baby and husband-wife relationships, social interaction, and emotional health.

We also help those who suffer from chronic pain due to musculoskeletal injury, or neurological conditions who have not responded to other forms of therapy.  Some of these common, but painful conditions are: headaches, low back pain, plantar fasciitis, scoliosis, facial palsy, and post-operative pain.


Many people suffer from older soft tissue injury because they did not seek treatment, they were told there wasn't treatment, or worse, it would get better with time.  Some examples are: abdominal, low back and thigh pain following caesarean section; shoulder, knee, and upper back pain following breast cancer intervention; vaginal/perineal and back pain following childbirth, and low back pain following a lower extremity injury.  The good news is, chronic soft tissue injuries respond well to our treatments.  BelleVie's ultimate goal is education so people seek treatment as soon as possible.  Early assessment and treatment can reduce, or even prevent, the onset of chronic issues. 

Based on evaluation findings, an individualized program is developed with your input.  The program may consist of one or more of the following:

Changes to soft tissue, and the body in general, is not an exact science. The same injury does not affect everyone the same and therefore does not follow the same path of healing. This is where the patient-provider relationship is important. Both parties have a role and specific responsibilities in implementing the plan of care and attaining the functional goal(s). These responsibilities include open communication, attendance at all scheduled appointments, and commitment to the plan of care.

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